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Monday, October 2, 2006

Monument to Emiliano Zapata

One of the revolutionary heroes of Mexico.
Placed in Toluca, near Mexico City.
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Anonymous said...

this surely is typical mexican and its magnificient statue!

Annie said...

Zapatistas revere him and honor his memory, right?

Anonymous said...

hello from shanghai, nice to see the typical Mexican statue.
and I like the hat he wears. :P

Carraol said...

Hi, Thanks for passing by. Yes is a great statue for a great man, the kind of man who's changed history. About the hat, here in Mexico called: Sombrero, I know in other languages sounds funny. In this days no one wears a hat like that, not in the cities, at least. Best of look for everyone, you are so great showing all your beautiful cities, cultures, places & moods.