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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Zona Rosa / The Pink Zone

During more than twenty years, the so-callled Zona Rosa has been an excellent area to stay and go shopping. It is conveniently located near the Historical Centre and crossed by Reforma avenue, which is the main commercial and financial axis of the city. During 1967, a year clearly marked by the restlessness of the decade, a certain area of the Juarez neighborhood was named the Pink Zone; neither red nor white, but certainly Bohemian and recently renovated to appease the tastes of modern youth. Its elegant hideaways inherited the glamour of bygone times, and it seemed almost as if, in honor of the names of its streets, it had been transplanted from Old Europe. Today the Pink Zone continues to undergo changes: new boutiques, bars and discotheques have expanded the choices available to those patrons who populate the area in search of entertainment or survival. Thus, beggars, discotheque hawkers, yuppies, foreign tourists, nocturnal rodents, revellers, druggies, ladies out shopping and business men blend together at any time of the day or night with the muted colors of the cobble stones, walls and buildings in their quest for the much desired Vie en Rose.
Guia Virtual de la Ciudad de Mexico

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Anonymous said...

This is quite a different look at the city you call home. It is distinct and quite beautiful and no hint of heat and humidity--the two things that ruin nice places for me. Your photograph of it is very well done and I appreciate seeing it.

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Gloria, gracias por tu visita. Mr. Lincoln, thanks a lot for your comment.

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