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Friday, May 22, 2009

Encuentro / The Meeting

Encuentro / The Meeting
El increíble Rothko en su diario caminar, encontró caído de un árbol, un asustado pajarito al cual después de examinarlo detenidamente, de inmediato lo llevo con su veterinario, quien le dijo que tenia muy pocas probabilidades de sobrevivir, porque sin su madre, estos recién nacidos se niegan a alimentarse y mueren en dos o tres días.
Bueno, lleva dos, luce bien y esta comiendo, seguro el Increíble Rothko se lo sugirio, ojalá luche para salvarse y así vuele y contemple asombrado esta pequeña parte del mundo. Mayo 22 2009.

The incredible Rothko in his daily walk, found this fallen little bird and take care of it and invited to his cozy home.

Happy Friday and weekend!


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Lenola Daily Photo said...

wow ^___^

that's absolutely lovely situation.
Like much more the first, for composition and lights.

Bob Crowe said...

The right place at the right time and ready. Wonderful capture.

Unknown said...

Great shots. You've really captured this moment of animal empathy well.

Jilly said...

Incredible! Love to see different species interact like this. What a sweet dog. And your photographs are stunning, as always, Carraol. Clever you to arrange that shadow at an angle! Fabulous photographs. I hope the bird continues to mend OK.

AB said...

I hope the little bird survived the encounter.

joo said...

It's so wonderful post! I love all the photos, but the first one is my favourite.
Have a great weekend and hugs for Rothko:)

cieldequimper said...

Amazing! Have a great weekend!

Bibi said...

What sweet shots, and so well photographed. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Very nice photos.

I hope the little dove makes it to fly away.

Cosas de Liz said...

Caro: Muy bellas tus fotos!! la luz, la composición, los colores, fantasticos :)

Kate said...

Rothko...great name for your perro. If I would give that name to my dog, it would have to be a black pooch. Rothko's black paintings are very compelling, don't you think? The dog is gorgeous and I love the black and white shot.

Miranda McAfee said...

Great images, it looks like they could be a series of greeting cards... Come up with some creative captions and send them to Hallmark.