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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't Run - Don't Push - Don't Scream

Arizona by Fisgon

Indignation by Magu
The little president: This is inadmissible... they want that I give employment to Mexicans.
La Jornada

Immigration Advocates Rise Up in Anger Over Arizona Law

AMY GOODMAN: Juan, your column in The New York Daily News today is about the immigration bill in Arizona.
JUAN GONZALEZ: Yes, well obviously there has been a furor throughout the country over this bill and one of the things occurring now is, most people were not aware that May Day was a scheduled day for immigration rights protests around the country and a lot of immigration advocates are now saying in the last week they had a huge surge of interest by people in their communities to turn out at these May Day rallies. So the Arizona, the new “show your papers or you go to jail” bill has already spurred enormous outrage in the Latino community, the immigrant community, the civil-rights community. Obviously Attorney General Holder now is saying he is considering intervening. Even Lindsay Graham, the Republican senator said yesterday he believes the law is unconstitutional. Some lawmakers are now actually calling – because you know, Major League Baseball is scheduled to have its All-Star Game in Phoenix next year. They’re already calling on Major League Baseball, which depends so much on Latino ballplayers and continues to recruit more, to pull the game, to pull the All-Star game out of Phoenix as a demonstration of what Arizona could be facing if it continues to persist in this legislation. (Fragment) 

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