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Zen promotes the rediscovery of the obvious, which is so often lost in its familiarity and simplicity. It sees the miraculous in the common and magic in our everyday surroundings. When we are not rushed, and our minds are unclouded by conceptualizations, a veil will sometimes drop, introducing the viewer to a world unseen since childhood. ~ John Greer

Monday, May 24, 2010

Steps into the light

La Casa del Torno / The House of The Winch

Cuernavaca is the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of Morelos.  Established at the archeological site of Gualupita I by the Olmecs, "the mother culture" of Mesoamerica, approximately 3200 years ago. It is also a municipality located about 85 km (53 mi) south of Mexico City on the D-95 freeway.

The city was nicknamed the "City of Eternal Spring" by Alexander von Humboldt in the 19th century. It has long been a favorite escape for Mexico City and foreign visitors because of this warm, stable climate and abundant vegetation. Aztec emperors had summer residences there, and even today many famous people as well as Mexico City residents maintain homes there. Cuernavaca is also host to a large foreign resident population, including large numbers of students who come to study the Spanish language.


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Luis Gomez said...

Hermosas imagenes y tratamiento.

Anonymous said...

Large contrasts....first image so abstract and calm....second image so full of life and structure. Very beautiful :)


Interesting photo!

Anya said...

The first is very unique :-)
The second is amazing !!

joo said...

They are so different and at the same time a bit similar.I love them both!

Kate said...

LOVE the top photo in its clean simplicity. Wish I was walking that street right now!

T. Becque said...

I've always been attracted to high contrast photos, the top one is fantastic (as is the bottom one!).

Thank you for the idea of a blurring against my orange wall :)

B SQUARED said...

Must be an interesting place.

Lila said...

Wow the second photo is so magical!