The Magic of the Cities.

Zen promotes the rediscovery of the obvious, which is so often lost in its familiarity and simplicity. It sees the miraculous in the common and magic in our everyday surroundings. When we are not rushed, and our minds are unclouded by conceptualizations, a veil will sometimes drop, introducing the viewer to a world unseen since childhood. ~ John Greer

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Language of Doves

Censure acquits the raven, but pursues the dove.

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B SQUARED said...

I have to tell you, I have bought more music inspired by your site than from any other source.

Luis Gomez said...

Impresionantes estas tomas. Que buen procesado!

Lowell said...

Very cool photos! Striking b&w!

joo said...

Many people don't like them, but I think they are so elegant and beautiful. Love your B&W photos and music.

Anonymous said...

Graphical and beautiful images in black and white. I like them very much.
Greetings :)

Jesús Garrido said...

excelente, que buenos haceres fotográficos

Costea said...

Idea interesante con tales imágenes negativas. Me gustan las dos como mucho :).

Randy said...

Those are great!