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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Borda Gardens

The Borda Gardens is one of the most famous monuments in Cuernavaca, it was the residence of rich families since the colonial times, it was chosen by its location beside the Cathedral of Cuernavaca and by its main road (now Morelos Avenue); this road comes from Acapulco, crosses Cuernavaca, Mexico City and ends in Veracruz. 
By this road passed the richness the Nao of the Orient brought to New Spain and also was the residence where many famous travelers were lodged. Don Jose Borda was the builder of the residence, he also donated to Taxco the beautiful Santa Prisca church and its Parvis Square. Don Jose de la Borda used this residence such as rest home and rest of silver caravans that came from Taxco to Mexico City.

Manuel de la Borda, his son, was appointed priest and was the first person in charge of the Santa Prisca church, at the death of his father, he already lived in the residence. Don Manuel made the gardens that in that time was extended until the ravine. The gardens received the name of Botanical Gardens, by its varieties of fruit trees and ornamental plants that were brought from all over the world. The mangos were brought by the travelers priest that came from the Spanish Philippines.

In the same way Manuel built the fountains and the paths, and in 1783 he inaugurated the ornamental lake, to water the Botanic Gardens. Manuel de la Borda also built the Chapel of Guadalupe in 1784, near the gardens and the residence; this church originally had two beautiful towers. It was also famous by the books and articles that the important visitors who were lodged here, wrote about the same.
The residence never lost its attraction for the rich and important persons and in 1865 the Emperors Maximilian of Hapsburg and Carlota Amalia, chosen this place as their summer residence, and then it took again a category of simple elegance.

The Emperors offered spectacular Gala Receptions in the Gardens and in the ornamental lake. The rooms were decorated with luxury as the Chapel of Guadalupe; you can still see the personal shield of the Austria Emperors, in the reception room, the residence is know as "The Borda Gardens". Nowadays  the morelenses celebrate great receptions, popular feasts, cultural events among others. [Tour by]  

Sculptures by Gabriel Ponzanelli

Other images here.


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Sensaciones en Imagenes said...

Una buenas tomas con un procesado que le da mucha fuerza.
Un abrazo.

Kate said...

This must be a magnificent place! Thanks for the tour. I especially like the top photo of friends enjoying one another.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful garden!
I love the sculptures of women


Unknown said...

Ya tenia yo en mi agenda Cuernavaca. Con estas fotos lo pone en uno de mis lugares escogidos de visitas inmediatas.
Un afectuoso saludo