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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One World Trade Center

North End Avenue / Vesey Street, New York - June 28 2012.

One World Trade Center: New Tower Already Source Of Hope
By Amanda Crum 
One World Trade Center: four words that bring on a wave of heartache, memories, love, fear, and pain to just about every American. In New York, the dramatically altered skyline has gradually been accepted, if only because the knowledge that the dark recesses of sky would be filled once again.
While the new tower won’t be completed until 2014, its bones are there, reaching up into the atmosphere with the strength of all the survivors and the families of those who lost their lives eleven years ago today. And while there have been many delays and agonizing months of re-planning, developers are happy to say that the new building incorporates the safety features and security measures it desperately needed while incorporating itself into the layout of the city better than the original tower did. New streets will be opened up, creating a better planned space than what was there before.
“It is not finished, but we have created a place that is much more like the rest of New York than the old World Trade Center — much more pedestrian friendly,” said Janno Lieber, Trade Center project director.
As far as security goes, the new building will feature a windowless base which encompasses the first eleven stories and is strong enough to withstand car bombs. There will also be over 600 police officers assigned to protect the World Trade Center buildings. Among other things, this news is a comfort to the people of New York; however, seeing the new structure standing proudly 1,368 feet in the air does them a world of good, as well.
“The tall buildings make you feel good,” said Michael Keane, who fled the collapsing towers on 9/11. “We had suffered for a long time.”

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