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Sunday, November 25, 2012


9th Cultural Corridor Roma Condesa
In the mid-1990s a number of contemporary art galleries located in the Roma neighborhood came together to make a joint project, in addition to increasing its convening power, managed to recover public spaces, rehabilitation tissue social networks and coexistence in the area. In the last decade the Roma and Condesa colonies have become important centers of artistic production, leading to the proliferation of countless new cultural expressions.

In order to relocate these territories on the map and in the minds of the inhabitants of Mexico City, this event aims to revive this corridor, this time with a renewed spirit for disseminating valuable projects and initiatives that rotate on two highly topical aspects: contemporary art and design.

Because we live in when you need to generate projects, and promote contemporary culture help restore the social fabric, to restore confidence in city life and foster networks achieve coexistence. Contemporary culture, involving a variety of genres such as art, design, music and fashion has been an effective means of social networking in addition to promoting the education and training of informed individuals who can best meet your context condition.

It is done this event twice a year: the last weekend of May and the last weekend of November.


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