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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October's Theme Day - Movement

The Birdmans of Mexico
The Voladores of Papantla

 Ask anyone who's been to Papantla what most impressed them, and they'll probably say, "The Voladores." Many people who've never been to the Gulf Coast -- or even to Mexico - will light up in recognition at the mention of the Voladores. They perform regularly throughout Mexico, Central and South America. They've performed in several cities in the United States, and even in Paris and Madrid. So, who are the Voladores, and why are they famous?

Volador means flyer - he who flies. It is breathtaking to watch the spectacle of four men gracefully "flying" upside down from a 75 foot  pole secured only by a rope tied around their waists.

Even more amazing is the musician, called the caporal. Balanced on a narrow wooden platform without a rope or safety net, the caporal plays a drum and flute and invokes an ancient spiritual offering in the form of a spectacular dance.

 As he turns to face the four cardinal directions, he will bend his head back to his feet, balance on one foot then lean precariously forward, and perform intricate footwork, all the time playing the flute and drum! No matter how many times you see this beautiful performance, it will continue to astonish you, and the plaintive tune of the flute and drum will remain with you long after you have returned home.

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This is definitely one of the more original "movement" shots I've seen. Bravo!

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they are great..
I like them all..
Thank you for sharing them with us..


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Excellent. Love the B/W

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Great photos but, I'm glad that's not me up there.

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I've never heard of this before. Astonishing!

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Amazing! I had never heard of this. You’ve made a great Theme Day post. I'm glad you picked these to share with us.

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Fascinating and gorgeous shots!

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amazing shot ! never never I Could do that !

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Fantastic shots and excellent choice for theme day.